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Subverting a drawing

July 29, 2016


One of my birthday presents was a box of tinted charcoal. I set about tinting my existing charcoal drawings and now I’m addicted.
With my new tinted charcoal pencils I executed this drawing amongst others. This one is from a landscape view of Bath across the bridge by the train station.
My friend thought it resembled a woman’s open thighs… he is not wrong. I can be a bit subversive at times.
The cluster of houses and green lush tapestry blankets nest amongst two robust fertile hills and hence forth and in between them the waters flow!



Perfectly framed

July 6, 2016


Today I walked to my studio by taking my usual summer detour via Maryon park. Maryon park must be the most underrated park in London, tucked away on the side of displeasing Woolwich road. Unlike Greenwich park, it is always very quiet and sometimes there is not a soul in it as I walk through. One forgets the traffic humming on the busy road nearby.

The sunlight splattered droplets of neon green everywhere on the foliage, and as I walked up I was struck by this beautifully framed view, the branch forming a loop over the clearing.

Nature is the best artist!