The cycle of Ragnarok short film

The website for the short film “The cycle of Ragnarök” has gone live, with the added trailer. If you are a gallery or art organisation and wish to view the full film please email me on

The cycle fo Ragnarök is a 6-7 minute performance that comprises the whole last part of the saga of Raganrok, or “the twilight of the gods”. This performance was writen by Cristina Valquiria aguiar in 2011 but developed and produced later by myself for a short film.

Ragnarök is an Icelandic mythological story that expresses through metaphors the natural environment in which is set against, that of the nordic icelandic landscape. In this complex saga one navigates through contrasting symbols of ice and fire, which stand for the dual landscape of snow and volcanos.

Synopsis: An expressionist visual/dance/movement performance with original choreography and original music portraying the nordic mythological saga of the “Twilight of the gods”.

The link:

Alexandra Santos


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